Several Gun Bills Still Active in the New Hampshire State House

The House Judiciary Committee heard several gun bills last week.

But there are four bills that are of particular importance to gun owners that are still alive in the House — three are very good, one is very bad:

* SUPPORT HB 512 (Confiscation Prohibited) — This legislation would prohibit the confiscation of firearms during a declared emergency.

* SUPPORT HB 582 (Constitutional Carry) — Under this bill, Granite Staters would no longer be required to get the government’s permission to exercise their Second Amendment rights to carry a firearm to protect themselves and their families. 

* SUPPORT HB 685 (Blocking federal gun control) — This legislation would prohibit a state agency, state employee, or political subdivision from enforcing federal laws regarding firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition.

* OPPOSE HB 650 (Ban on Private Sales) — This bill would ban virtually all private sales and impose universal background checks that require virtually EVERY sale to go through a dealer.  

ACTION: Contact your state representative(s) and make your positions known on the above-mentioned bills.  By clicking on the link here, the proper representative(s) will be automatically selected, and you can send a pre-written letter to them.