3/99 Cosponsor H.R. 407: Second Amendment Restoration Act

Cosponsor H.R. 407: Second Amendment Restoration Act!
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March 24, 1999

Dear Representative:

It has been said that the Second Amendment to the Constitution delineates the liberties that make the other freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights possible.

I agree with that statement, and I think you would too.

Unfortunately, the Second Amendment has been under attack for quite some time. Its clear meaning has been twisted, ignored and abused.

And that is why I am delighted that Rep. Ron Paul has introduced H.R. 407 to remedy much of this abuse.

H.R. 407 is the Second Amendment Restoration Act of 1999. This legislation provides for state reciprocity for any citizen who is entitled to carry a concealed firearm in and pursuant to the law of the state of the person’s residence.

I urge you to cosponsor H.R. 407.

Unlike other reciprocity bills, H.R. 407 does not force states to comply with a uniform federal standard. We don’t need a reciprocity bill that creates more bureaucratic red tape. That’s why gun owners favor H.R. 407.

Again, I hope you will cosponsor this important legislation. Please let me know what you intend to do. Thank you.


Larry Pratt
Executive Director