5/99 Al Gore: “Call the Justice Department”

Al Gore: “Call the Justice Department”
Gun Owners of America
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    * Al Gore claims that one quarter ot firearms murders are committed by young people ages 18 to 20 years old.
    * The Vice President claimed that 18-year olds should not be legally allowed to purchase a handgun. He was unaware that it is already illegal for a licensed dealer to sell someone a handgun until he is 21.
    * The Justice Department study on Urban Delinquency and Substance Abuse of March, 1994 shows that among young people who have been given a gun by their parents, there are ZERO crimes committed with a gun. Gun crimes by youth are committed by those who illegally obtain the “forbidden fruit.”
    * Vote against the two Hyde amendments banning purchase of handguns and possession of semi-automatic rifles until age 21.
    * Please vote “NO” on final passage of H.R. 2122. GOA will rate this vote.

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