9/99 Baca/Brown: Once Again, Gun Control Loses at the Polls

Once Again, Gun Control Loses at the Polls
(September 23, 1999)
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Marta Brown, widow of Rep. George Brown (D-CA), won’t be assuming the seat that many thought was waiting for her, as she lost her party’s primary on Tuesday by 488 votes.

This week, National Public Radio billed this election as a referendum on gun control. NPR stated that guns were the “central issue” in this Democratic Primary.

Mrs. Brown was an adamant supporter of gun control, while her challenger, Joe Baca, had forcefully opposed the state’s semi-auto ban.

Once again, the gun control candidate lost.

Having said, we must not forget the President’s take on how support for gun control loses elections. Right after the 1994 elections, the President lamented that:

“The fight for the assault-weapons ban cost 20 members their seats in Congress … [and is] the reason the Republicans control the House.”

— Bill Clinton, quoted in The (Cleveland)
Plain Dealer, January 15, 1995