2/08 Letter To US Senators Re: The DeMint Amendment

Letter To US Senators Re: The DeMint Amendment

February 25, 2008

Dear Senator:

An important amendment for gun owners will be offered to S. 1200, the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.

Sen. Jim DeMint plans to offer the amendment to prohibit funds made available under the Act from being used “to carry out any anti-firearm program, gun buy-back program, or program to discourage or stigmatize the private ownership of firearms for collecting, hunting or self-defense purposes.”

Since the bill lists “violence prevention” as one of the purposes of the Indian Health Service under this Act, it is possible that a future administration could interpret this as allowing funds to be used for initiatives designed to restrict or reduce civilian ownership of firearms.

Gun Owners of America plans to score the DeMint amendment as a ratings vote.


Larry Pratt
Executive Director