4/00 Wake up Call on Gun Control: Bush Beats Gore on Guns

A Wake up Call on Gun Control?
Bush beats Gore on guns
(April 5, 2000)
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The National Review commenting on a new Washington Post/ABC poll (4/4/00):

“The truly surprising finding in the poll is that Bush leads Gore by four points on the question of who would do a better job handling gun control. Democrats have been trying hard to push gun control as a partisan issue for the last year. Where’s the evidence it’s working — other than the wishful thinking of the national press corps?”
Gun control loses at the polls — just ask the President

National Review states the latest poll results are surprising. Of course, they shouldn’t be. Bill Clinton knows that gun control cost him the control of the Congress. Consider his statement just three days ago (4/2/00):

    “And then we got into the gun business. We passed the Brady Bill, and we passed the assault weapons ban which Senator Feinstein was especially active in passing. And, oh, they said, the world was going to come to an end. And we lost — I’m telling you, we lost a lot of members of the House of Representatives on the … gun issue.”