True Stories Of Armed Self-Defense

True Stories Of Armed Self-Defense

Robert Waters

[The month of January, 2001] brought numerous reminders of why many Americans own guns. But these stories were nowhere to be seen on ABC, CBS, CNN, or NBC. They weren’t news to editors of the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the Los Angeles Times.

Overlooked by the mainstream media, these accounts show how lives are saved when law-abiding citizens own firearms.

Forty-five home invasions occurred in Chattanooga, Tennessee between October, 2000 and January, 2001. But on the night of January 12, the home invasions came to an abrupt end. Two masked gunmen burst through the door of Tiffany Bibbs’s home. When the mother, who was holding her baby, attempted to dial 911, one of the robbers knocked the phone out of her hands. Then the assailants forced the four occupants of the house to give up their money and jewelry. As they were leaving, one of the intruders snatched Bibbs’s baby from her arms and ran outside.

Gerald Lamar Beverly, a visitor in the home, grabbed a handgun and followed the robbers. The assailant placed the baby on the porch and began shooting at Beverly. The visitor returned fire. When police arrived, Beverly and an armed neighbor were standing over the body of Mica Kaba Townsend. Beverly was not charged. There have been no more home invasions reported in Chattanooga since January 12….

Robert Waters is the author of The Best Defense: True Stories of Intended Victims Who Defended Themselves with a Firearm.