Tacoma homeowner shoots man trying to break into home

Tacoma homeowner shoots man trying to break into home


by KING 5 News


Posted on July 14, 2012 at 10:36 PM

A Tacoma resident shot a man who tried to break into his home  early Saturday.

“And this guy is getting crazier and coming back to the door, putting an elbow to it or put a foot. At one point we could actually see him, even though the door was locked, we could actually see his face he was pushing so hard,” said Jim Ingle.

Ingle says he yelled to the man he had the wrong house. Still, the man kept trying to break through the front door.

Ingle says he shot through the door just moments before police arrived.

“We’ve had some incidents before on bar nights when people are pounding on the door but this time when he didn’t stop and the hits are getting harder and harder and I looked at him from outside the window and he just didn’t seem to be all together. He seemed crazy but why take a chance? You know I don’t want to be a statistic,” said Ingle.

Tacoma police say the suspect is getting treatment for a wound that’s not life-threatening.