Texas Man Shoots Home Invader in Self-Defense! (VIDEO)

(Guns.com) We don’t exactly look forward to the day when we’re forced to use a firearm to defend ourselves, but if that fateful day ever rolls around we’ll be glad that we have a pistol nearby. Why? Because of cases like this one from Plano, Texas, wherein a gun-wielding home owner thwarted a potentially dangerous home invasion.

Police are still trying to piece together the details of what happened. Some eye witnesses report that the home invasion included as many as three robbers, but the police have only captured one suspect. Here’s what we do know:

The alleged burglar(s) started the robbery rather politely – by knocking on the door. The home owner was home at the time, but he did not come to the door for unknown reasons. Taking that as the cue that the house was ripe for the picking, the thief or group of thieves attempted to break into the home.

One of them must have seen too many cop movies, because he tried to kick down the door SWAT-style. He put a couple boot prints onto the front door, but past that all he managed to do was alert the homeowner that something was very wrong…

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