Nevada Assembly Speaker Sponsors Trojan Horse on CCWs

Nevada Assembly Speaker Oceguera Sponsors Trojan Horse on CCW

Action Alert!

All Nevada gun owners should call their State Senators today and ask them to either support an amendment to AB 282 reinstating the $25 administrative limit on CCW renewals, or oppose the unamended bill.

Assembly Speaker John Oceguera is trying to pull the wool over Nevada gun owner’s eyes.

First, he sweeps up four pro-gun bills authored by other members and combines them into one omnibus bill with him as the sponsor. Then, he adds an amendment that could create a virtual ban on renewal of concealed carry weapons permits by erasing the $25 cap placed on renewals and allowing law enforcement officials to charge whatever they want. That’s right, whatever they want!

Now, law enforcement officials will be able to simply increase the costs of CCW renewals till they become unaffordable to the average citizen of Nevada. Some folks are wondering if this is the reason behind the Speaker’s efforts to author the omnibus bill in the first place. That is to gain the confidence of Second Amendment supporters so that he could sneak in this amendment.

The Speaker provides the sugar in AB282 by ensuring that CCW holder’s names and addresses remain confidential; allows CCW holders to carry semi-auto pistols; allows for carrying in State Parks; and changes some rules so that CCW holders do not have to go through a point-of-contact check every time they purchase a firearm. But, what good is all of this if no one can renew a CCW because they are prohibitively expensive?

This is completely unacceptable.

Call your State Senator today to let them know that you want them to either amend AB 282 on the floor of the Senate to reinstate the $25 limit on CCW renewals or to oppose AB 282 if not amended.