Rep. Files GOA-Backed Bill to Arm Teachers

Nashville Rep. Andy Ogles, R-Tenn., is dropping a bill to expand teachers’ Second Amendment rights and protect students from school shooters.

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN)

Ogles is introducing the Teachers Empowered Against Classroom Harm (TEACH) Act on Friday to establish a grant program to provide defensive firearms training programs to protect students from armed intruders.

“The TEACH Act would harden schools by allowing teachers and school staff the option to participate in defensive training programs aimed at protecting schools and their children,” Ogles told Fox News Digital.

“Right now, Education Secretary Cardona has a personal slush fund of over $27.5 million dollars — instead of using that money to advance the Left’s indoctrination campaign, we should work so that our kids are safe from armed intruders,” the congressman continued.

“We will never be able to ban the intentions of evil people but we can allow responsible men and women of good will to equip themselves in order to stop bad actors in their tracks,” he added. “This bill would help make our students, educators, and classrooms safer.”…

Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert, another cosponsor of the bill, told Fox News Digital that in “2021, 49% of all active shooters were stopped by armed civilians.”

“If Congress is serious about preventing school shootings, it needs to harden schools, allow teachers to take self-defense training, and modernize school firearm policies when over half of states recognize Constitutional Carry,” Boebert said.

“Protecting the Second Amendment is the most effective way to prevent violence in our communities and to stop school shootings,” she continued. “Gun free zones are dangerous, since they create vulnerable targets.”

Boebert added that “Republicans need to defeat the myth that gun control is the solution to school shootings, and we need to show that we are serious about protecting the Second Amendment while also protecting students from evil murderers.”…

The bill has double-digit GOP co-sponsors already, including Biggs and Boebert, as well as Reps. Troy Nehls of Texas and Alex Mooney of West Virginia.

The measure is also supported by the gun rights nonprofit Gun Owners of America (GOA).

GOA Director of Federal Affairs Aidan Johnston told Fox News Digital “GOA is proud to endorse this legislation from Rep. Ogles.”

“At GOA, we’ve been championing the need to harden schools, which comes in many forms,” Johnston said. “Whether it’s arming willing teachers or empowering parents, these policies play a major role in deterring violence at schools.”

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