President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder Going After Your Semi-Autos

Did you hear the latest excuse by the anti-gun lobby why America needs to resurrect Clinton’s so-called “assault weapons ban?”   It’s that America’s lax gun laws are responsible for all the violence in Mexico!

That’s right.  The drug cartels that have the resources to build submarines and pilotless drones to transport drugs into the United States would be wiped out if only America would pass a semi-auto ban.  At least that’s what President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder would have us believe.

Speaking at a press conference in Phoenix, Holder said, “… there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons. I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico at a minimum.”

Quick to jump on the bandwagon was notorious gun grabber Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY).  “I was thrilled by it,” said McCarthy, who went on to credit President Obama for this initiative, saying “We’ll continue to work with him. The president realizes this is real.”

What is interesting, however, was the response from Democratic Congressmen, 65 of whom sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi urging her to reject the gun ban. 

So what’s going on?  It means that the warnings we have issued recently — that any attack on America’s gun rights would prompt early retirements for those Congressmen involved — are being taken seriously.

It means that the Democrats aren’t stupid and they know that the last time they tried to attack our gun rights, more than a few anti-gun Congressmen suffered defeat at the polls.

And they know that many of the seats now held by Democrats are in districts that are strongly pro-gun.  The last thing Pelosi wants is to get into a serious battle over gun rights because, even if they win, they will likely lose their majority at the next election.

Please understand that we are not saying we are in the clear on this.  Far from it!  What we are  saying is that our strategy of sending postcards and email to Congress reminding them of what happened the last time they attacked our gun rights… and promising to do the same thing once again should they be so foolish as try it again … is working!

Bottom line: You and I need to keep the pressure on all year because if they see any weakness in our resolve, they will act.  And they have the votes to do it! 

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