Project Megiddo: FBI Minimizes UN Role In Civilian Disarmament

“The FBI’s report entitled Project Megiddo released today tries to assign concern about gun registration leading to confiscation as a figment of the paranoid right wing. Well, one does not have to be a member of the ‘paranoid right wing’ to be concerned about the registration of firearms,” said Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt.

“I wrote an article in 1995 warning of the UN drive for international civilian disarmament. The FBI report criticizes me for making this argument. The FBI is hoping that Americans are not aware of what the UN is saying about its plans to disarm the world’s civilian population. For example, on September 25 of this year UN Secretary General Kofi Annan issued a report recommending that the world’s governments ‘Adopt gun control laws including a prohibition of unrestricted trade and private ownership of arms.’ This would be facilitated by ‘sharing information on the registration of guns and on sales.’

“The registration of firearms that Mr. Annan is calling for is being used right now in California as the basis for confiscating rifles that were registered at the time of purchase.

“The FBI is the very agency registering every American who buys a gun from a dealer. These buyers have broken no law. The FBI is not supposed to keep a list, but they say they need the names of decent people for law enforcement purposes.

“The FBI is the same ethically challenged agency whose laboratory has become infamous for withholding or tampering with evidence to obtain convictions of innocent people. The FBI is also the group that has been maintaining files on leading Americans. This came to light in the Filegate scandal when they turned over these files to the President for his personal political use. It took the FBI six years to discover they had withheld information about Waco from Congress, including the use of pyrotechnic devises and use of the military the day the Davidians were burned to death.

“The FBI terms the UN plans for civilian disarmament which are being made in open meetings ‘speculation’. But how much more evidence do they need? Clearly the FBI wants to take our eyes off their dirty linen.

In any case, Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) and Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) have successfully kept the Congress from increasing its funding to the UN. In 1997, 54 members of the House of Representatives voted to have the U.S. leave the UN. These congressmen agree that the UN is dangerous to our liberties. I am proud to be in such company.”