Brady Part II Launches Gun Registration Scheme


Gun Owners of America


FBI plans to record every gun buyer starting December 1

Gun Owners of America today announced the release of its new study exposing a massive scheme to register law-abiding gun owners. GOA has learned that the FBI will be maintaining a registry of gun buyers and gun sales for at least 18 months, in violation of law. This is being done with funding from the National Instant Criminal Background Check (dubbed NICS), authorized under Part II of the Brady law. GOA will be filing a formal protest with the agencies involved and members of Congress. The FBI hopes to have the scheme running by Dec. 1 of this year.

“They apparently plan to suggest, that because they may destroy some records in the future, that this is not registration,” said Larry Pratt, Exec. Dir. of GOA. “That’s nonsense. What they’re planning to do is register gun owners and that is strictly illegal.”

At least three separate registries are apparently planned, according to the GOA study. The NICS will keep one, listing every gun buyer and sale in fine detail. The National Police Computer, known as NCIC, will also get and keep a record of all firearm transactions. Any backup systems that these large scale computer installations use will also create one or more permanent or quasi-permanent registration lists of law-abiding Americans.

“There aren’t any safeguards on the system because they don’t need any-the scheme calls for registration by its very design.” The NRA has been surprisingly quiet about the whole thing, Pratt notes. “Why aren’t they up in arms over this?” he asks. The NRA has fought gun owner registration in the past.

When the FBI turns on their national citizen checking scheme under Brady Part II this year, every gun dealer sale in America will be controlled by them from a single office in Clarksburg. “We can no longer warn you that it’s coming,” says Pratt. “Brady II is here.”

“The shameless willingness of the FBI to openly break the law shows the law must be repealed. The government cannot be trusted with the names and addresses of gun buyers. That’s why we have a Second Amendment,” Pratt added.

Interested parties can obtain a copy of the new GOA study by contacting Gun Owners of America at the above number.