Lesson Of School Shootings: More Guns Needed At Schools

Gun Owners of America released the following statement by Executive Director Larry Pratt in response to the latest fatal school shooting in Springfield, Oregon today.

“An unconstitutional federal law bans the possession of guns within a thousand feet of schools. Even though the Supreme Court found it unconstitutional, Congress reenacted it in 1996.

“Many have died because of that law. The only person armed at these crime scenes has been the criminal.

“The President and others who support this horrible law have blood on their hands from the school killings.

“In an article for Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Dr. David Schiller tells how terrorist threats to the kibbutzim and their schools was ended when Israel armed parents, teachers, nurses, and older students who were trained by the army.

“Israel got rid of the British gun control laws it had inherited before it became an independent country. America should get rid of its gun control laws, too, and tell the criminal element that the peaceful citizens of the country are no longer sitting ducks.”