10/02/00 Allen’s Reversal On Guns Results In Large Mailing

Gun Group to Drop Thousands of Letters Into Virginia Notifying Gun Owners of Gov. Allen’s Recent Flip-flop

For Immediate Release
October 02, 2000
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(Springfield, VA) — Gun Owners of America announced today it is dropping thousands upon thousands of letters into gun owners’ homes in Virginia as a result of Gov. George Allen’s recent reversal on 2nd Amendment issues.

“Gun owners were quite shocked and dismayed recently to see Gov. Allen reverse himself on 2nd Amendment issues,” said GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt.

“Gov. Allen had promised gun owners in the past that he would defend the right of law-abiding Virginians to defend themselves. But now he supports the Clinton-Feinstein ban on certain household firearms — a ban he strongly opposed in the past.”

Gun Owners of America is prepared to contact more than 50,000 gun owners in the state to alert them to Gov. Allen’s change in views.

“It’s unfortunate,” Pratt continued, “that Allen has begun to adopt the failed policies that Mary Sue Terry implemented during the campaign for Governor in 1993. Terry enjoyed a 20-point lead in the polls over Allen until she began criticizing his then pro-gun record.

“Polls showed that Terry’s lead immediately began evaporating as pro-gun Democrats started shifting their support to George Allen.

“Allen won the race — another clear indication that gun control is a loser at the polls,” Pratt said. “I hope Gov. Allen learns from Terry’s mistakes.”

— GOA —

Gun Owners of America is a national grassroots lobbying organization of over 250,000 members located at 8001 Forbes Place in Springfield, Virginia 22151.