Moore A Typical Liberal: When Losing Argument, Label Opponent Racist

“A measure of the desperation of the Dennis Moore campaign for Congress can be seen in his attack of the messenger rather than debating the issue,” said Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America.

“Moore opposes self defense, and he would ban guns Americans use for self defense. Realizing that his position is not tenable outside of Massachusetts, Moore’s campaign has resorted to a favorite liberal tactic when losing an argument: label the opponent a racist.

“Had Moore’s gun control policies been law, there would have been no successful civil rights movement in the south. It took armed Deacons for Defense to repel the violence of the Ku Klux Klan in the mid 1960’s. Had the Deacons not had access to guns, the civil rights movement would have been extinguished by Klan attacks on civil rights workers.

“Gun control laws were used at the time by southern law enforcement officials to try and disarm the Deacons. Earlier gun control laws had prohibited slaves from owning guns.

“Moore really should not bring up the issue of his support for civilian disarmament because it is so tainted with a history of controlling subject people in the United States. To slime a proponent of universal gun ownership and self defense is risky for Moore since it invites a closer examination of the implications of his support of gun control than he really wants.

“I challenge Dennis Moore to debate this issue in public so the voters of Kansas’ third congressional district can see for themselves what is involved in his allegations,” Pratt concluded.