National Gun Rights Group Weighs In On Governor’s Race

Gun Owners of America announced today its support of State Senator Tom McClintock for Governor of California.

Senator McClintock is THE conservative, pro-gun candidate in this race. McClintock campaign has leapt from barely registering to double digits in the polls, due in large part to the support he has garnered among state conservatives and pro-gun activists.

Senator McClintock has a perfect voting record on Second Amendment issues and has been a champion of gun owners’ rights during his public service career, which reaches back two decades.

Senator McClintock also provides voters with a conservative alternative to the more liberal, anti-gun Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Schwarzenegger clearly stated his anti-Second Amendment views, saying he supports the ban on semi-automatic firearms, the Brady background registration check and conducting computerized checks on private sales at gun shows.

Gun Owners of America also notes that while the states budget woes have driven the recall effort, the rights of gun owners could be completely decimated if current trends continue.

Over the past several decades, gun owners have been subjected to long waiting periods to purchase firearms, increased registration requirements, and outright bans on some firearms.

As Governor, Tom McClintock will be concerned not only with the budget but with protecting and restoring the constitutionally protected liberties of law-abiding citizens.