Government Study Shows Futility of Gun Control

“The General Accounting Office’s (GAO) report on the Brady Law corroborates what was previously known: the Brady Law has no effect on criminal behavior,” said Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt.

“The GAO study, released today, found that criminals can find ways around the Brady Law. The government investigators obtained false identification and found that the criminal database used for the instant check did not reject the false ID bearers. They were able to get a gun.

“This should not come as a surprise since England has made it impossible for even law-abiding citizens to buy a gun, yet criminals there have driven up the violent crime rate past that of the US since the British gun confiscation. The media in Manchester even refer now to their city as ‘Gunchester.’

“Brady fails because it asks the wrong question, namely, ‘How are we going to keep guns out of the wrong hands?’ The answer is, of course, ‘We are not going to keep guns out of the wrong hands because, by definition, criminals don’t obey the laws.’

“Lawmakers instead must focus on getting rid of gun control laws that only encumber decent citizens from getting guns they need for self defense. Moreover, legislation such as that of Sen. Bob Smith and Rep. John Hostettler to make it legal for a holder of a concealed carry license in one state to carry in any state will move us in the right direction,” Pratt concluded.