PA: Gun Owners Win in PA Elections

Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Agenda Stopped Cold

Despite Michael Bloomberg spending over $1M to flip the Pennsylvania General Assembly, gun owners sent anti-gun challengers packing and scored a few wins along the way.

While the Presidential race hangs in the balance, here are how things shaped up in the Keystone State.

Although all of the results are not in for some races, we are thrilled to see the following GOA-endorsed candidates winning their elections! Please help us congratulate these pro-gun champions:

PA Senate

In addition to the above endorsed candidates, GOA A-rated challenger Devlin Robinson defeated anti-gun incumbent Pam Iovino in SD 37.

PA House


  • CD 10 Scott Perry – As of this writing, Scott Perry leads anti-gun challenger Eugene DePasquale by almost 10 points, but the race hasn’t been called yet.

Make no mistake about it, this is a victory against Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agenda. In fact, here is what Stuart Varney of Fox News had to say about it:

I think that Michael Bloomberg has lost. He spent a billion on trying to get elected, 100 million trying to get Florida to go for Biden. He’s lost it all and he’s got nothing to show for it.” (Stuart Varney on Fox News, 11/4/20)

And it’s because of you that Bloomberg left Pennsylvania empty-handed.

As we enter the 2021-2022 legislative session, Pennsylvania gun owners will have strong allies in the General Assembly.

GOA will be working with these allies to get pro-gun legislation re-introduced, including bills for:

  • Constitutional Carry
  • Strengthening PA’s firearms preemption law

And, of course, we’ll monitor anti-gun legislation to ensure that such things like Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders, gun bans, magazine restrictions, universal background checks, and other bills to restrict your rights are defeated.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Join us in standing guard!