PA: Four Gun Control Bills Could Pass the House on Monday!

On Monday, the PA House will be in session and the House Democrats have set up their package of anti-2A legislation for third consideration and final passage.  Again, these bills seek to undermine and compromise our 2nd Amendment rights.   

These bills include Red Flag Gun Confiscation, Universal Background Checks, and more. Not only are these bills unconstitutional, but they are also ineffective at lowering any crime. We need your voice heard loud and clear, and we need it now. The details are below: 

***House Session Monday, 5/22/2023.  Voting Session: 12:00 PM Noon.   

With the anti-gun PA Democrats having the House majority, our rights as gun owners are at stake and these bills will likely be passed and sent over to the Senate.   

Please click here to send a pre-written message to your State Representative to OPPOSE any anti-gun bill that that may be heard on Monday.

Then, if you have the time, please call your legislators to let them know your opposition, Members of the House – PA House of Representatives (  Listed below are the bills, their sponsors, along with the sponsor’s phone numbers for your dialing convenience.   

  • HB 338 (Sanchez) – Reporting Lost and Stollen Firearms (717) 783-7619 
  • HB 714 (Warren) – Universal Background Checks (717) 787-5475 
  • HB 731 (Parker) – Safe Storage of Long Guns (717) 787-7727 
  • HB 1018 (O’Mara) – Extreme Risk Protection Orders (717) 783-4090 

I ask that you bookmark the following link, go to Pennsylvania Legislature | 2023-2024 | Regular Session | LegiScan, and read up on these Bills for yourself.   

Thanks for taking action!