Wasserman Schultz Waiting for “More Favorable Political Environment” to Roll Back Gun Rights

By Javier Manjarres 

During an interview with the Editorial Board of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz indicated her willingness to further scale back 2nd Amendment protections once she believes we are in a “more favorable political environment.”

For liberals such as Wasserman Schultz, that typically means immediately in the wake of horrific mass-shooting events violence such as the one that occurred two weeks ago in Aurora, CO.  But since we’re in an presidential election year, Wasserman Schultz knows that it’s just not feasible now to propose new gun laws.

Wasserman Schultz didn’t elaborate exactly on what new restrictions she’d want to enact- we always here about liberals fetish for “common sense” gun laws while conveniently ignoring the hundreds of pages of federal and state laws already on the books that already constitute “common sense.”

“I commend President Obama for recognizing following the Tuscon shooting that there are gaping holes in the current law that allowed people who would do others harm that shouldn’t have had guns or ammunition to be able to get it.  Focusing on closing those loopholes…that’s what’s important.”

Banning ammunition sales over the Internet will only cause ammunition prices to go up- and it won’t do anything to stop criminal activity.

Wasserman Schultz referred to the National Rifle Association as an organization that is “so extreme” and has “strayed so far from what they were originally intended to do” that is “just an extension of the Republican Party.”

*Note-The Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board also interviewed the five Republican candidates vying to challenge Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz this November. The Board recommended  Karen Harrington, because they feel she has the “most compelling, contrasting vision versus Debbie Wasserman Schultz.” (Source- Sun Sentinel)