Open Carry Proposal

An Open Carry Proposal which, we hope, all gun owners can agree on

It’s no surprise that our loyal members had different “takes” on the issue of Texas open carry.  However, we don’t think there’s as much difference as the competing camps imagine.


After a 30-year campaign to demonize firearms, gun owners — particularly gun owners in non-Fascist parts of the country — have used “open carry” to make people comfortable with the sight of guns.

Of course, as a result of the media bombardment, there are some people who will never be “comfortable” until every gun in America is banned.

With respect to those who might be “persuadable,” however, we would humbly ask that open carry advocates remember that the point is to make persuadable people “comfortable,” rather than uncomfortable.

We understand, for instance, that open carry advocates in Texas have now adopted a policy of going into restaurants only by prearrangement.  This is not because they don’t have a constitutional right to do so, but because the point is to win friends, where possible.


Please remember that the liberal media will do everything imaginable, including lying, to portray gun owners (and conservatives) in the worst possible light.  Remember how the Tea Party people were demonized as Nazis, while the lawless denizens of Occupy Wall Street were lionized as heroes?

So please don’t judge a movement by the manner in which the media portrays it.

And please don’t forget that the reason people are carrying AR-15’s in Texas is that Texas is one of five states that doesn’t allow open carry of handguns under any circumstances.

But bottom line:  Our rights should not — and cannot — be redefined, just because some may be “offended” by us exercising our rights.

In some places, a black American hero like Dr. Ben Carson might generate much more “offense” in a restaurant than ten AR-15 rifles. And yet, the fight for all of our civil and constitutional rights should not — and cannot — be blocked by bigoted, cowardly, indoctrinated sheep who get easily offended.