Was Elliot Rodger on anti-depressants?

It is by now well established that the Isla Vista rampage killer was being treated for psychological and psychiatric issues. But I want to know if he was being treated with anti-depressants. With all the attention to guns lavished on any instance of young men acting out violent fantasies, as in Columbine and the other rampages that followed, scarcely any mass media attention is paid to the possible role of anti-depressant drugs in these incidents, despite that fact that many of the killers were being treated with them.

For example, Sam Smith writes in Undernews:

Largely missing from the discussion of mass murders is the role that anti-depressants might play in them. There is an disturbing statistical correlation between these murders and the anti-depressant use of the killers who caused them.

Of course, correlation is not necessarily causation but neither does it justify ignoring the possibility. There are about 25 million Americans on these drugs. Let’s say that only one tenth of one percent have a reaction that could lead to manic violence: That’s 25,000 people who could be mass killers.

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