Watch: AG Eric Holder Explains The DOJ’s Taxpayer Millions For ‘Gun-Safety Technology’

Last week, Attorney General Eric Holder explained to lawmakers that the Justice Department needs an additional $382.1 million in increased spending for fiscal 2014 so that it can “explore” new gun-control efforts such as bracelets that “talk to” guns.

Earlier this year, Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) floated a bill that would require all new handguns to include “smart” technology similar to the talking bracelets Holder referenced within two years and that older guns be retrofitted within three years to render the firearms inoperable to unauthorized users.

In revealing his legislation, Markey said that the law’s main purpose will be to prevent law enforcement officers from having their own weapons used against them, prevent accidental shooting deaths of children and combat the use of stolen guns in crime.

“No one wants children to get access to a handgun and hurt themselves or others,” Markey said at the time. “This is the type of gun safety legislation that everyone — regardless of political party or affiliation — should be able to support.”

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