Flak from Bloomberg flack shows GOA over target on immigration and guns

“I laugh at your foolishness,” Bloomberg View editorial board member Francis Wilkinson snarks in a Wednesday hit piece ridiculing Gun Owners of America’s warning that amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens will help create millions of new Democrat voters and a new electoral threat to gun rights.

“At that treacherous corner where the privileges of the First Amendment collide most spectacularly with the passions of the Second, producing a flaming, 12-car pile-up of twisted facts, shattered reason and mangled paranoia, the denizens are not so gullible,” he explains, obviously more impressed with his own self-assessed cleverness than he has an objective right to be, and even more obviously clueless as to what constitutes an unalienable right as opposed to a grant from his beloved Fatherland.

Also in Wilkinson’s shaky sights is the Center for Worker Freedom, for daring to show that the United Autoworkers union supports anti-gun Democrats.

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