Governor Matt Bevin: It Is ‘Delusional’ to Trust in Gun Control

Governor Matt Bevin: It Is ‘Delusional’ to Trust in Gun Control

As gun crime in Democrat-run Louisville, Kentucky, continues to soar, Governor Matt Bevin (R) rejects the passage of more gun laws, stressing that it is “delusional” to trust in gun control.

Louisville has witnessed nearly 110 firearm-related fatalities in 2016, including two who were shot and killed on Thanksgiving Day during the annual Juice Bowl football game.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer (D) has been pressing for more gun control as a way to combat the rising violence. In July, Breitbart News reported that Fischer wanted the Kentucky legislature to exempt Louisville from the state’s preemption law, thereby freeing the city to enact gun control that exceeds the laws of the state of Kentucky.

Kentucky Senator Majority Leader (R-Georgetown) responded to Fischer’s push for more gun control with a tweet that said, “This is not going to happen.” Governor Bevin is responding to Fischer’s new push by making clear it is still not going to happen.

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, Bevin dismissed the suggestion of passing new laws to fix the problem, saying:

You have a cultural problem, you have a spiritual problem, you have an economic problem. That’s what you have, period. People who want to pretend it’s something that can be legislated, some more government rules are going to fix this, are delusional. We don’t need more government rules to fix this. We need to address the root causes of this.

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