Most gun rights activists, groups remain silent on amnesty threat to gun rights

Why is Gun Owners of America still the only gun group speaking out on the danger to gun owners?

“Immigration reform could be a bonanza for Democrats [and] cripple Republican prospects in many states they now win easily,” GOA quoted Politico in a 2013 alert to its members. “We predict that … California-style gun control could become a very real possibility in this country!”


That’s because those pushing for “reform have made no secret of amnesty being more than a work and residency permit. Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson has flat out declared the millions of people in this country illegally have “earned the right to be citizens.” Pew Research Center has demonstrated approximately eight times more Latinos identify themselves as Democrats than as Republicans, numbers corroborated by an Associated Press report that notes “[N]ationally, Latinos overwhelmingly support Democrats.” …

Last weekend’s Gun Rights Policy Conference Resolutions Committee asked attendees to submit their ideas for presentation to members for adoption. The committee declined to read my submission for consideration:

“As all credible polling shows illegal immigration amnesty will result in millions of new Democrat voters, and as that party is overwhelmingly anti-gun, and as Gun Owners of America is the only Second Amendment advocacy group recognizing and warning gun owners this will result in more gun laws and a shift in the Supreme Court, this organization acknowledges the issue as being inextricably tied in with the ongoing and future threats against gun rights.” …

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