Tennessee Army And National Guard Can Now Carry Concealed Firearms At State Armories And Facilities

It was announced Thursday that Army and Air National Guard members with valid Tennessee concealed carry permits can now carry their firearms at state armories and facilities.

The move comes after the deadly attacks that took place in Chattanooga last month that left four Marines and one Sailor dead.

“We have been very deliberate in making the decision to arm our Tennessee National Guard,” Maj. Gen. Max Haston said in a statement.

“This is not a step that we take lightly, but it is apparent that military personnel have been targeted and the protection of our soldiers and airmen is of utmost importance. Physical security and risk assessment is something that we continually do as part of our day to day obligations,” the major-general said.

We hope to see this trend progress across the country so that the men and women of our Armed Forces are able to adequately protect themselves against those who wish to do them harm.

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