Ted Cruz makes machine-gun bacon

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has a creative way of cooking bacon.

In an IJReview.com video published Monday, the Republican presidential candidate wraps an uncooked bacon strip around a machine gun, secures it with foil paper, and shoots a target using four magazines of 5.56 ammo, until the gun is so hot that the bacon is crispy and and browned.

“In Texas, we cook bacon a little differently than most folks,” Cruz tweeted Monday.

This is not the first video starring a 2016 candidate that IJReview.com has produced.

Last month, when real estate mogul Donald Trump gave out fellow Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham’s private cellphone number to America, Graham illustrated creative and extensive ways to destroy a cellphone in a video produced by IJReview.com, titled”How to Destroy Your Cell Phone, With Sen. Lindsey Graham.”

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