L.A.: ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Ban, 20% Jump in Violent Crime

The year 2015 was marked by a statewide pursuit of more gun control in California, while cities like Los Angeles played their part by enacting local controls, such as a ban on the possession of “high capacity” magazines.

And to date, the year 2016 has been marked by a 20 percent jump in violent crime in LA.

In July 2015, the Los Angeles City passed an ordinance barring the possession of “high capacity” magazines within city limits. The bill was sponsored by councilman Paul Krekorian. Business Insider quoted Krekorian commenting on the bill, saying, “The step we’re taking today is not a wild step. People who want to defend homes don’t need a 1,000-round drum magazine to do so.” The measure took effect in November.

So far, the ban has correlated with increases in violent crime rather than reductions.

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