The danger of fists

The endless blathering out there about George Zimmerman’s verdict is really beginning to annoy me. I’ve grown up admiring those who make the effort to educate themselves and strive to say things they can back up with objective fact or considerable experience. I take umbrage to those who drone on endlessly when it’s abundantly clear that they haven’t the slightest damn clue what in blue hell they are talking about. Yet that seems to be the exact sort of person eager to show up on camera and run their fetid gums about the dynamics of the Zimmerman verdict. Their talking points spread like bad VD during spring break, showing up on forums and on facebook as people who don’t even understand the bare facts of the case parrot talking points they don’t even begin to comprehend.

While there are many annoying displays of ignorance, the most frustrating is this notion that Mr. Zimmerman’s use of a firearm to stop a “fistfight” was unjust. Firstly because that’s an inadequate description of what eye witnesses said about Mr. Zimmerman’s position in the fight, and secondly because it shows a second grader’s understanding of what it means to actually be in a fight on the street.

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