Empire State Rebellion: New Yorkers REFUSED To Register More than 95-Percent Of “Assault Weapons”

In a stunning repudiation of Governor Andrew Cuomo, his anti-gun Democrat allies, and the hastily-passed and clearly unconstitutional NY SAFE Act, New Yorkers refused to register an estimated one million firearms that the 2013 law arbitrarily determined were “assault weapons.”

Since New York’s SAFE Act gun control law went into effect in January 2013, a total of 23,847 people have applied to register their newly defined assault-style weapons with the State Police.

Those individuals have registered a total of 44,485 weapons.

The statistics, hidden from the public for more than a year by state officials, were given to Rochester-area lawyer Paloma Capanna on Monday in response to a lawsuit she filed on behalf of radio host Bill Robinson.

Folks, this is stunning, buy any measure.

As Frank Miniter noted last year just days before the registration deadline, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) conservatively estimated the number of firearms that qualify as “assault weapons” under New York’s law were “at least” one million firearms.

We now know that less than 4.5% of the “assault weapons” in New York were registered with the state as required by the draconian 2013 law, despite threats and warnings from hysterical New York Democrats and their allies in the media.

This is an even greater refusal rate than was experienced in next door Connecticut, where anti-gun laws rammed through a similar law in the wake of Sandy Hook saw at least 85% of the Constitution State’s gun owners defiantly refuse to register their firearms, some going so far as to dare Governor Dannel Malloy and the Connecticut State Police to attempt confiscation.

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