The Brilliant Gun Confiscation Trap


It is so simple and will be so effective it is simply nuts! I am referring to the trap that is being carefully laid by liberals to confiscate the guns of a significant number of law abiding Americans. It would be crazy to try and push their full agenda at once, so they do what liberals are much better at doing than conservatives: they will take it one step at a time and slowly tighten the noose.

Here’s how it will work: it seems to be common sense that no one wants the mentally ill to have access to firearms. After all, the shooters from Columbine to Aurora to Sandy Hook were mentally ill (at least judging by the fruit of their actions). Most of us would probably agree that no one wants individuals like that to be armed. Thus lies the rationale to clamp down on background checks and create a national ‘database’ to filter these individuals out.

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