Defund Taxpayer Supported Science Fraud

Trofim Lysenko was Stalin’s favorite scientist because he liked his meshing of evolution and Marxism.  Comrade Lysenko “proved” that there is no such thing as a gene.  A lot of money was dumped into the “research” of this crackpot, and woe to those who declared that the emperor had no clothes.

Lysenko’s gene-free view of science led to claims that wheat plants could produce rye.  Any disagreement was labeled as “political sabotage” — similar to the contemporary global warming “elite” who libel and banish those who do not worship at their altar.

It turns out that Lysenko’s spiritual children are the global warming alarmists in today’s scientific establishment.  The recent dumping of their emails on the internet exposed the fact that their “research” was as invalid as Lysenko’s.  As an aside, it seems that the emails were posted from a server in Tomsk, a Russian secret police city.  If the Ruskies did the deed, the best guess is that this major oil producer was alarmed by the West’s efforts to commit economic suicide by forcing a cutback in petroleum consumption.

The emails were parked on computers at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in England.  But the scandal is not just a British booboo.  America’s leading climate Casandras were also part of the scam. 

Perhaps you have heard of the now-infamous “hockey stick” graph that supposedly proved the Industrial Revolution, which massively improved the lives of millions of people, was the cause of global warming?  The “hockey stick” was a fraudulent representation of data which showed a straight line of constant temperatures with a sharp uptick at the end.  That uptick is allegedly the time that industrialization supposedly started generating global warming.  Well, it turns out the “hockey stick” graph was as valid as a three-dollar bill. 

Those of us active in defending the right to keep and bear arms don’t find it surprising that when politicians fund research, you get political science, not real science.  Dr. Arthur Kellerman is the Trofim Lysenko of research on guns and public health.  He grabbed some of our money that was funneled by the drunken spenders in Congress through the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. 

In exchange for our hard-earned money, Kellerman came up with a study that “proved” that someone with a gun in their house is 43 times more likely to be killed than a disarmed householder.  Kellerman’s “research” made a few questionable assumptions to ensure that his conclusions arrived at the proper outcome.

For example, he stipulated that a successful self-defense use of a gun had to result in the death of a home invader.  Cute.  Real scientists such as Dr. Gary Kleck of Florida State University find that of the more than 2 million times a year that Americans use a gun in self-defense, they only fire their gun two to three percent of the time. 

Kellerman’s methodology is equivalent to the “hockey stick” tricked up by Penn State’s Dr. Michael Mann.  One way Mann “found” that global warming did not begin until the last 150 years was to overlook the centuries during the Middle Ages that were warmer than now (where they were growing vegetables in what is now Greenland’s tundra, for example).  Like Kellerman, Mann simply ignored data that didn’t support his theory.

The chaps at East Anglia did the same thing that Kellerman did until he got caught.  Their modus operandi is “don’t let the public see the data they paid for.”  The British Lysenkos destroyed a lot of their data and otherwise refused to comply with British Freedom of Information laws.  Kellerman withheld his data for years until Congress forced the Centers for Disease Control to tell him to cough it up. 

Is it not time we cut off the looting of our pocketbooks with this kind of fraud?