Haslam Supports Constitutional Carry

Knoxville mayor, Bill Haslam, says that as governor he would sign into law a bill the legislature might put on his desk to restore constitutional carry.  Haslam, the GOP nominee for governor, said that he would approve legislation that would remove the requirement that citizens seek the permission from a government bureaucrat to carry concealed firearms.

Gun Owners of America salutes Haslam’s stand.  If such a measure were to become law in Tennessee, the state would join Vermont, Alaska and Arizona which have similar laws.

Constitutional carry restores the proper relationship of the citizen to their public servants.  We the People are the sovereigns and should not need to depend on our employees’ permission to carry firearms.   Constitutional carry also recognizes that criminals get guns without permission and in violation of the law.  It only makes sense that citizens be as free to carry guns as criminals already are.

Three cheers to Bill Haslam.