12/07 Gun-free Slaughter Zones

Gun-free Slaughter Zones

by Ted Nugent
As published in Waco Tribune-Herald

Here we go again. Someone tell me why, with nearly 3,000 articles written worldwide within 48 hours following the tragic slaughter at Omaha’s Westroads Mall last week, not a single one of them mentioned the most important fact.

Thousands of “professional” journalists converged on the event, sharing their sleuthing in the world’s most respected publications and electronic media. Yet not one of them saw it meaningful “reporting” on the crime to mention all the “no guns allowed” signs throughout the mall?

Got agenda? Sig heil!

Even though Nebraska recently got a small piece of the Second Amendment back by finally allowing law-abiding citizens their God-given right to keep and bear arms, it is truly anti-American and downright bizzarro that private property and business owners can deny (as in “infringe”) this “inalienable” right bestowed upon free men by our Creator.

This of, course, is the liberal dream known as “gun-free zones” — as in Columbine, Virginia Tech, Luby’s in Killeen and at every other location where unarmed victims have been slaughtered.

An exception is the Salt Lake City mall last year where an armed off-duty cop properly defied that mall’s “gun-free” policy. Virtually indistinguishable from an armed law-abiding citizen, he thwarted a mass shooting about to unfold. Yes, a good guy with a gun.

How dense must someone be to hide from this reality? Denial runs deep in a growing population of “we the sheeple.” For shame.

Running away

When did a nation of rugged individuals turn into helpless whiners, crying and running in fear from danger and evil?

When did we abandon our natural instinct to counterpunch and attack evil, overpowering it and neutralizing it into submission?

When were we forced to dial 9-1-1, losing and wasting precious, decisive time, instead of doing the right thing and stopping bad guys ourselves?

When did we trade in independence for dependency? When did we decide that we can’t handle tough situations ourselves, but instead must call Big Brother while we cower and hide like little, helpless children? Pathetic.

Every day in this country, according to the Department of Justice and every study ever conducted, armed, law-abiding citizens stop dangerous, violent confrontations from escalating into death and tragedy, simply by having a gun handy to provide real “equality” on the mean streets of America.

Dedicated cops across America will be the first ones to tell you that they not only can’t possibly be there to protect us, but that they also have no legal requirement to do so.

By the time the police show up, many innocents perish at the hands of evil while good people hang around hoping and praying.

Does anyone still not know this reality? Is it possible to still hide from this life-and-death truth? If you have no soul, apparently so.

I highly recommend that we finally learn from all these senseless tragedies. Get real. Get rid of politicians who support gun-free slaughter zones. Get rid of gun-free zones. Get a gun. Learn to use it, and do the right thing.

Bad guys should be shot dead, not Christmas shoppers.


Ted Nugent is a Waco-based musician and television show host. Communicate directly with Ted at tednugent.com.