BATFE To Be Investigated

BATFE To Be Investigated

by Ryan Horsley, proprietor of Red’s Trading Post

I am pleased to announce a great response at the Regulatory Fairness Forum in Boise. Members of Senator Larry Craig and Senator Mike Crapo’s staff were there among others. GOA-Gun Owners of America, JPFO-Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, NRA-National Rifle Association and NSSF-National Shooting Sports Foundation submitted letters on behalf of firearms dealers to the National Ombudsman Nicholas Owens who is empowered to receive, substantiate and report to Congress complaints and comments from small business owners about regulatory enforcement actions taken against small businesses by federal agencies.

Another letter from Moore’s Groceries was submitted. I had reported earlier had their shop was shut down by the ATF as well. They will now begin to investigate the actions of the BATFE in shutting down firearms dealers. I was also able to report the steep decline in the number of firearms manufacturers as well.

This is one small victory but we must continue educating people about the attacks on our Second Amendment. If you get a chance thank each of the organizations for submitting letters this speaks volumes and carries a lot of weight.

Following is the statement submitted by Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America:

BATFE has resisted operating transparently with written procedures to guide federally licensed firearms dealers and others involved in the firearms industry. They are currently involved in a campaign to put dealers out of business. One of the more infamous tactics used by BATFE is to revoke dealers’ licenses because of so-called “willful” violations such as abbreviating Baltimore (City or County) as Blto.

BATFE should be enjoined from posing as a law enforcement agency, and revoking federal firearms licenses, until they have published procedures for dealer compliance. Written procedures should also be required before BATFE moves against manufacturers. The Akins Accelerator is a case in point. For several years, the Akins company was allowed to market their product as an accessory for firearms. Then, they reversed themselves and required that all of the product be called from the market with no compensation.

A law enforcement agency should set the example by keeping the law itself. Operating against the firearms industry without written procedures does nothing to keep guns out of criminals’ hands, but it clearly makes it more difficult for Americans to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. Namely, no firearms industry, no guns, no Second Amendment.