5/07 Sudden Jihad Syndrome, Take Two

Sudden Jihad Syndrome, Take Two

Larry Pratt

It is evident that America has not yet looked at Islam for what it is. Even in the gun owning community, there are many who only know of Islam from what the politically correct — and some Muslim spokesmen — have propagated.

We are told by some that Islam is a religion of peace, and there are even verses that are cited to make that case. The problem is not just that there are blood curdling calls for mass murder in the Qur’an, there is a verse that calls for the abrogation of earlier verses by later verses: 2:106. “Whatever a Verse (revelation) do We {Allah} abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring a better one or similar to it. Know you not that Allah is able to do all things?”

The happy, earlier verses of respecting the people of the book (Jews and Christians) are abrogated by the later verses calling for their slaughter.

This is not to say that all Muslims subscribe to this. Happily, most do not. The problem for moderate Muslims, not to mention for the rest of us, is that until another system of interpreting the Qur’an is accepted within Islam, the radicals have the support of the Qur’an behind their calls for violent jihad.

This is why the history of Islam has been one of violence, conquest and slavery. Qur’anic law, or Sharia, supports the subjugation and murder of all non-Muslims everywhere in the world. Where Islam has become the dominant religion, Qur’anic law is implemented, and all non-Muslims who are not killed are forced into Dhimmitude — a condition of servile subjection quite beyond the designation of “second class citizen.” Dhimmis are not citizens under Sharia.

In all other cultures that I am aware of, and certainly those based on biblical principles of right and wrong and law, individual violence and murder is condemned. Many other religions advocate self-defense, but none authorize self-appointed vigilantism except Islam. That is what jihad as practiced by Mohammed was, and is, all about.

In the West, a predatory person who feels no compunction against robbing, raping and murdering is called a criminal and society seeks to punish him. In Islam, if the robbery, rape or murder is committed in the name of Allah, the behavior is condoned. Other than personal preference, the majority of Muslims who do not buy into this lawless notion have no basis for objection to the vigilantism of jihad.

Even some gun owners try to make light of the Sudden Jihad Syndrome phenomenon we have been witness to in the United States in the last several years. After all, some say, common ordinary punks account for more mayhem than do lone-ranger jihadis. That much is true. But the conclusion drawn is false, because these skeptics go on to state there is no problem, therefore, from lone Muslim radicals going on killing sprees — their personal jihad, as they see it.

The conclusion is false because only part of the premise is true. The problem is not a threat to the United States — yet. To see what is coming, consider the intifada in Paris and other French cities that has seen unchecked rioting and destruction by Muslim youth. Consider also the Swedish cities that are already Muslim enclaves where the police simply do not enter.

We are so used to thinking in terms of a Christian world view that condemns individuals seeking to take others lives that we cannot imagine a religion where many (perhaps most) mosques preach radical Islam that justifies vigilante jihad. Disbelieving, however, will not make the problem go away.

As with every other aggressor in history, ignoring the problem only convinces the aggressor that History, or in this case, Allah, is on his side. Until the basic tenets of Islam are redefined, there is only one thing that the radical Muslim will understand — force.

Thomas Jefferson had a Qur’an. He bought it to seek an understanding of what was driving the Barbary Pirates of the Mediterranean. They were such a plague that constant ransom payments to free hostages they took were becoming a significant part of the U.S. gross national product.

Jefferson discovered that his country was being afflicted by the Qur’anic doctrine of Jihad. When he understood that, he sent the Navy to Tripoli to free a hostage and threatened to wipe out the city unless the hostage was returned alive. The hostage and the Sultan both survived because of the Sultan’s sudden-found respect for the American infidel. The Marine hymn has immortalized the Sultan’s epiphany by recounting Marine valor from “the shores of Tripoli to the halls of Montezuma.”

I personally would have preferred that the Sultan had converted to Christianity. But I bet that any hostages, who enjoyed keeping their heads attached to their necks because the Sultan was scared spitless, were quite satisfied with the outcome.

So, as I argued in my first Sudden Jihad Syndrome column, the dogma of jihad has given Americans one more reason to carry concealed. And the more of us — with the fewest restrictions as possible — the better.