2/07 Mayor Thinks Guns Are Illegal

Lawbreaking Mayor Thinks People’s Guns Are Illegal
Larry Pratt

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has repeatedly conspired to violate federal firearms laws. He has sent private investigators to other states to buy handguns using false identifications. He has had stores in New York City raided and then been forced to return the firearms he ordered his police to confiscate.

These illegal acts would result in the average citizen having the book thrown at him. Mayor Bloomberg has been allowed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to break federal law in the name of the law.

There is a consistent pattern of disregard for the law in the name of disarming average citizens. It seems that Bloomberg’s objective is to wipe out all gun stores so there can be no armed citizens.

When Mayor Bloomberg took office, he promised to make New York’s already draconian gun laws even more restrictive. Getting a gun in New York City is next to impossible.

Clearly, Bloomberg thinks that all guns in the hands of the people are illegal guns. Take the case of Ronald Dixon. Dixon was unable to get a legal gun in New York City, but he had a gun which he bought when he lived in Florida, a free state. The problem was that in New York, without the City’s permission, ownership of the gun was illegal.

Ronald Dixon used his gun in 2002 to defend himself in his home from an invader. Dixon had spotted the thug about to enter the room of his little two-year-old boy. When Dixon presented his gun, the assailant turned on him, and Dixon shot him. Dixon did not get charged for shooting the punk, but he did go to jail — for having an “illegal” gun!

Not long afterwards, a New York City businessman, Steven Reed, fatally shot a career violent felon who was trying to rob him. He was charged with illegal gun possession.

Mayor Bloomberg is always well-protected by armed guards who are provided by the taxpayers. But he does not think that others should be able to protect themselves with firearms unless they can have a squad of police doing it for them.

Virginia Delegate Scott Lingamfelter has proposed legislation to enable Virginia authorities to prosecute Bloomberg’s thugs should they try to shakedown additional Virginia gun dealers. Too bad the intellectual author of the crime can remain safely ensconced behind the doors of the well guarded Gracie Mansion.

Bloomberg is being sued by two of the gun stores he has victimized. Perhaps that will provide a measure of justice that so far the federal government has completely failed to pursue.