10/06 Pennsylvania Killings Teach Timely Lesson

Pennsylvania Killings Teach Timely Lesson

United States Concealed Carry Association

Gun-free zones create defense-free zones

As America grieves over the loss of such innocent life in the Pennsylvania school shootings, many Americans ask, “How can we put an end to this?”

While some groups claim that more gun control is needed to prevent attacks like this, a closer look will expose an interesting truth. The Pennsylvania shootings along with the recent shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin all have one thing in common. These atrocities were committed in “gun-free” school zones.

The unfortunate and unintended consequence of the federal law banning all guns from schools is that they, in essence, create “defense-free” zones for criminals.

“Evil will always exist in our world,” explains USCCA Founder Tim Schmidt. “Many groups try to control criminals by creating laws that limit the tools they use. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t work. Gun control laws are only effective at taking guns away from good, law-abiding people.”

The sad truth is that criminals do not follow gun control laws and will always be able to get guns. Even in Great Britain and Australia, where handguns are completely banned, the criminals still manage to get them.

The real solution to these terrible crimes lies within each individual American. It is a solution that is not only simple, it is shockingly effective.

“It is time for Americans to wake up,” says Schmidt. “We must be willing and able to be the first line of defense for our families and children.”

Self-defense had long been a core American value, a part of our independent heritage. An American society that places a high value on self-defense creates the ultimate deterrent to violent crime.

It is time for Americans to learn how to defend themselves again. Attacks like these will only increase until the average American is willing to learn some basic principles of self-defense.

“I am a father of three young kids, and I’ve come to the realization that there is only one person responsible for their safety. That person is me,” says Schmidt.

About U.S. Concealed Carry (USCCA): U.S. Concealed Carry (USCCA) is an association of Americans who are proactive, self-defense advocates. USCCA is a rapidly growing, private association whose members are dedicated to the principle that self-protection is a valuable and inalienable right.