Mark Muller: a free man acting free

Two weeks ago, I wrote an op-ed explaining what it means for free men to act free. Because of the overwhelmingly positive reaction to that piece, I thought I’d elaborate with an example of a free man acting free.

In 2009, CNN’s Carol Costello interviewed Mark Muller, the owner of the Max Motors auto dealerships. Although the interview is now somewhat dated, it perfectly demonstrates both the tactics of the left and the unflinching stance of a free man.

The point of the interview was to make Muller look like a backwoods hayseed for sponsoring a sales promotion where every customer who bought a new vehicle received a gun. At the time of the interview, Muller was running the promotion for the second year in a row. The first time around he gave away handguns; the second time around he was giving away AK-47s.

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