Truthful Girl Sinks Deeper

Ever since she affirmed, with clarity and conviction, that she supports Hezbollah’s candid desire to herd all the world’s Jews into Israel so as to ultimately make their mass extermination easier to carry out, Muslim Students Association member Jumanah Imad Albahri has quickly devolved into what can only be described as a pathetic figure.

While the UC San Diego student now whimpers that she is a victim of “alienation” and “marginalization” – note how well-versed she is in the lexicon of victimology – it has become increasingly obvious that her chief affliction is a profound lack of common sense. This deficiency is made plain by the fact that after Albahri gave her recent thumbs-up to genocide, she did not deem it prudent to keep a low profile for awhile – in order to give the foul stench of her bigotry a bit of time to dissipate. Instead, she has persisted in publicly spouting further stupidities, the latest of which brands David Horowitz, who first exposed her unmistakable Jew-hatred at an “Israel Apartheid Week” event earlier this month, as a racist. To “prove” the veracity of her smear, Albahri cites Horowitz’s supposedly objectionable 1999 article titled “Guns Don’t Kill Black People, Other Blacks Do.” So offensive was that piece, claims Albahri, that Horowitz “needs to apologize” for having written it. Really?

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