United States Supreme Court Now Making Laws Instead Of Interpreting Laws

If the Founders of our nation roll over in their graves when parts of the Constitution are ignored or even destroyed, then they must be spinning at a high RPM in those graves after the recent Supreme Court decision on Eminent Domain.

In a 5 to 4 decision, the “left-leaning” Justices of the Court have decided that there is no such thing as private property rights in the United States.

Local public officials, wealthy developers and large businesses can now join forces to take away anyone’s home and private property to build anything that will help bring in more tax revenue to the local governments.

And anyone who knows anything about government can tell you that if government has been given a new way to generate more tax revenue, it will do so as fast as possible.

Somewhere along the line, the Supreme Courts “fabulous five” of the left forgot that the United States Government and the courts were put in place NOT to tell us what rights we have, but to protect our God-given rights as a free people.

Their decision obliterates the Constitution’s Public Use clause and we begin a new era where government and rich allies can seize private property from ordinary citizens for private gain, not public gain.

Governments in America have historically used their eminent domain authority to build public roads, schools, courthouses, reservoirs and other important “public” projects. Now they are free to use eminent domain to generate new tax revenues and increase the size of government. Oh goody!

Your house is simply not your house any more . . . it is for sale to the biggest bidder. All we can hope is that the private residences of those five Supreme Court justices are the next to be taken for “the public good.”

When the Supreme Court decides to make law as it has in the eminent domain case and destroy private property rights, can the Second Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms be far behind?