What Makes You Think We Read the Bills?

[former Illinois state senator]
In 1979, State Sen. Bill Richardson (R-California) wrote a book called “What Makes You Think We Read the Bills?”  It was a very funny book and of course the title was meant to be ironic and humorous. It can still be found from Jameson Books in Ottawa, Illinois. But I think the title strikes much too close to the truth in 2010 than it did 31 years ago.
It looks like not reading bills is now standard accepted practice for lawmakers, editorial writers, and columnists. Very few Democratic Members of Congress could honestly claim that they read significant parts of the 3,300-pages in the Pelosi-Obamacare bill last March or even a good summary of the bill. We are a nation of policy makers who pat themselves on the back for reading and regurgitating talking points written by ignorant staffers.


But now half of the editorial writers in America are claiming to be outraged at an “immigration law” in Arizona and most of them lack the candor of Attorney General Eric Holder when he admitted last week to a committee of Congress that he has not read the bill that he is so critical of.
For those of you who do read, here is the full text of the law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer in Arizona.  Decide for yourself if rights are being violated or if this is only a state re-affirmation of existing federal laws that have not been enforced.  Here is the link from the Clerk of the Arizona State Senate: