The Unholy Trinity – Global gun control, shredding of capitalism and Supreme Court compromise

Obama is gaining great ground with his plan to shred the U.S. constitution, moral traditions and freedoms.  His evil and controlling plans are unfolding just as he and his controllers have planned for years. 

First of all,  as I have said many times in the last few months on air and in print,  if you want to have a real clue about where Obama and his staff are going and where they will take us,  review the history of Hitler’s rise to power and the seduction,  promises, and terror that sucked in most of the German people in 1938.  Obama is following the playbook perfectly.

We have already seen the false promises of creating endless jobs from Obama…..NOT.  Hitler did the same thing to German Parliament to manipulate enough votes to get the power with ‘Hitler’s enabling act.’ 

We have already seen the draconian takeover of our Health care system,  for the first time forcing health care and rationed care on the American people,  with threats and fines laced all through it, while the dreaded IRS controls it……and us.  Hitler did the same thing,  offering endless health care to all,  while reflecting his evil worldview of as to what health care looked like.  You talk about rationing,  especially to the disabled and elderly,  Hitler’s health care was a pro-abortion and murdering death machine,  as is Obama care.  Watch as it unfolds,  babies,  the elderly and the disabled will die…..long lines,  rationed care AND SPECIFIC TREATMENTS DECIDED FOR YOUR DOCTORS BY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.

We see the manipulative and deceitful move on gun control.  I predicted this from the beginning of Obama’s reign from hell.  He and Hillary are going after International gun control through a ‘treaty’  with the UN.  They have always been planning this since they know so many in our country own guns and the Gun Owners of America and the NRA are so powerful with millions of voting members.  These groups have always lobbied heavily with congress and had some weight since they reflect so many voters. 

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