A tale of two McDonald’s beatings

In the last couple of days, the friendly arches have not been too friendly.  Two very different beatings illustrate one very important truth.

In Baltimore County Maryland, two women beat an “individual”.  The video of the beating was featured on the Drudge Report and has gone viral.  The attackers are black and the victim is white.  Originally there was some thought the motive for the attack might have been racial.  Then media reports announced the white “woman” in the video was not a woman. It was a cross dresser.

The video shows a brutal assault that lasts for several minutes.  The victim in the video is unarmed, puts up minimal resistance and is attacked several times during the course of the video.  An older woman tries to intervene and stop the assault.  In the end, the victim is lying in the corner, having what appears to be a seizure.

Reports have indicated that the issue that started the fight may have been the cross dresser going in to use the women’s restroom. Two women have been identified as the attackers.  One is an 18 year old.  The other is 14, a juvenile.

In London, there was a far different and even more tragic situation.  A 34-year-old father decided to stop at a McDonald’s for some hot chocolate.   While there, a fight broke out in the line.  Raymond Mitchell broke up the fight.  One of the men involved in the fight told Mitchell he would not live to see the sunrise and got on his cell phone to and called someone to bring him his gun.   Mitchell left the McDonald’s, was chased down and pistol-whipped.  Mitchell begged for his life.  He was shot three times and died later that day from his injuries.

What is the common thread here?

Gun Control.

If we listen to the gun control Nazis, all we have to do is ban guns and we will have no more crime.  While Maryland has moderately strong gun control laws, a vicious crime occurred and a firearm was not involved.  The crime at the Maryland McDonald’s was so brutal that someone would have been legally justified in using a firearm to stop it.

In Britain, where gun control laws are so draconian that their police are not even armed, Raymond Mitchell was shot to death.  Gun control laws did not stop his killer.  He had a gun.  Had that happened in America, particularly in the red states, his assailants might not have been so eager to take him on if he had been able to reach under his shirt and even the fight with a M1911.

In Maryland, the unidentified victim is recovering from his beating.  The victim in this case has prior arrests for disorderly conduct, property destruction and prostitution, so he may not eligible to own a gun, if any of those are felony convictions.  In Britain, Mitchell’s family prepares for funeral, probably wishing he had the chance to defend himself.  In Britain the nanny state is there to take care of you, except when you need it and it isn’t there.  Self-defense, like so many other things, is a personal responsibility.  It is one we should all take seriously.

Originally posted by Judson Phillips on April 23, 2011 at 7:01pm in “Tea Party Nation Forum.”