A Few Doing A Lot In Indiana

When people say there is nothing they can do, they’re wrong.  2nd Amendment Patriots was organized in 1998 and is a very low budget group but here are just some of the goals we have accomplished.

  About four years ago the Indiana State Police had notified all the FFL dealers in the State that they were going to discontinue doing background checks on weekends and holidays.  The letter was very plain, written in bold intimidating lettering that this was final.  Our group went to work the following Monday with phone calls into the Governor’s office.  Phone calls are the most effective tool.  Within in just a few hours on that Monday the Superintendent of State Police called me to explain that they had reversed their decision.

  I asked that he send a letter to all the FFL’s stating that and he complied.  I have copies of both the first letter and the one rescinding their decision.  

When county commissioners in a neighboring county unanimously voted to ban any weapons on county owned or leased property that could cause bodily harm, again we went to work.  Within four days of phone calls one of the commissioners called and asked me to call off the dogs. They had dropped their resolution.  Again, we have newspaper accounts of the before and after.  By the way, none of our group even lived in that county.  

This past year as an experiment, we sought to repeal a gun law.  So we chose one that had been on the books about 30 years.  It prohibited anyone from carrying a loaded firearm while operating any off-road vehicle (4-wheeler, snowmobile, trail bike) -– even if you had a carry permit, even if you were on your own property.  It included police officers unless their job required they be on an off road vehicle.  

After contacting one of our friendly state senators to introduce a bill for us and four months of phone calls to particular senators and representatives with whom we had become good friends, we got the law changed.  We have over the years made trips to the Capital to testify on gun issues and have proved that you can make a difference.  

Just talking among ourselves won’t get the job done — you have to take it to the people who need to hear from you.