Mexico, Don’t Blame Us

Border security and gun control? No problem here. Got both. In fact, I have virtually perfected both culture war issues at Ground Nuge to the point of untouchable. You see, even though I am just a guitarplayer, these are the tip-o-the-spear culture war lies I have railed against for more than forty years. I control my borders, and I control my guns. Wild, huh?

Take, for example, the fact that the Nugent property has never been invaded, for we, like all life loving, law abiding Americans we know, have sent out a loud and clear message that even mentally deficient felon wannabes understand without pushing “1” for English: Invade my home, and I will kill you. Case closed. No invasions and no one killed. Perfect.

Reminds me of when Mayor Daley decreed to the National Guard and law enforcement “shoot to kill” all looters caught out after curfew during the 1968 Chicago riots. No one shot and no one killed and no one dared be on the streets of the Windy City, because everyone knew old Dick meant it. Well, this guy means it too. Good, effective, logical win-win policy. Maybe our government should give it a whack.

Now if I can do it, why can’t Fedzilla? I figured it out: because they don’t want to point their guns in the right direction. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano — she who kept Arizona’s border’s open to illegal immigrants and all the mayhem they can bring — thinks it’s all our fault. She — and Hillary, of course — buy into that absurd report that 90% of the guns involved in Mexican drug war killings come from America.

How can they be so dumb to fall for that? Well, they are liberals.

It matches nicely with the insane message that our unaccountable Fedzilla beast has been sending loud and clear to law breakers and America-haters for at least 30 years: Come one, come all to the good ol’ USA, invade us at will and we will reward you handsomely with all the healthcare, welfare and hand-held lessons in recidivism that an out-of-touch, anti-American government could possibly provide you with.

And the icing on the invader cake is that if any of our heroes of law enforcement, dedicated and sworn to defend our sacred U.S. Constitution and enforce our laws while, dare interfere with your invasion, we will give you a free get out of jail card while we actually imprison our own warriors if they shoot you in the butt.

Bring drugs, destroy America, bloodsuck us dry while maintaining allegiance to the corrupt hellhole of a tyranny you so desperately take your life into your own hands to escape, and you will be treated better than many Americans will be.

The producers of Planet of the Apes would reject a script like the one unfolding before our very eyes because it’s too stupid to believe. Too stupid, that is, for everybody but cult of denial leftists hell-bent on collaborating with the invaders to assist in the destruction of America from within. Liberalism is cannibalism.

Liberals are immune to facts. That’s why Hillary Clinton — when she’s not tossing ash trays at Bill — spouts the absurd lies that estimate over 90% of Mexican drug cartel guns come from the U.S., including the weapon of choice down there, the machine gun.

Lighten up, Hill baby. And write this down: the irrefutable fact of the matter is that the actual number of machine guns from the U.S. used by Mexican or any other criminals anywhere is zero. As in none, zilch, nada, nuthin, nary a one. You can’t just buy one in any U.S. gun store, and to get one at all requires a mountain of Fedzilla paperwork that few Americans are willing to put up with.

And according to ATF, DEA, FBI and every other boot on the ground on the border wars, at the very most “a possible 17% of semi-automatic rifles and standard handguns” can be traced back to a U.S. origin.

I’ll tell you where 90% of the gangbangers firepower comes from. All that artillery is supplied by the demoniacally corrupt Mexican government, their own “law enforcement” gangs and from places like China, Venezuela and an unstoppable pipeline of uncontrolled gunrunners from countries where guns are virtually banned from private citizens.

Mexican residents are not allowed to keep and bear arms, so based on law, Mexico should be a gun-free zone. Guess how that worked out for them? About as well as it has in Afghanistan.

And remember, even Amnesty International will tell you that at any given time, more than 2000 Americans are incarcerated in Mexican prisons and jails without any formal charges brought. Including simple American tourists who committed the horrible “alleged” crime of being in possession of a spent .22 shell. No guns, no loaded ammo, just a tiny piece of used brass “allegedly” found in their vehicle. And these innocent Americans will sit in those cages until the out of control Mexican Federalis extort every dime from their families.

But like all other gun-free zones, this is the guaranteed recipe for the most innocent lives being gunned down. Forced unarmed helplessness is such a peace and love kind of thing.

It is sad and pathetic that there are still so many Americans complicit in the life destroying death orgy of drug running by maintaining a huge criminal consumer base to keep the drug terrorists in business. But like the terrorists’ allies in gun running, they represent an evil lunatic fringe that must never dictate policy forcing good Americans into unarmed helplessness.

Unarmed, helpless Americans are exactly what criminals and liberals dream of, and as the invasion of America throttles on, we the people must be dedicated to stopping any attempt of the Obama administration to make it easier for invaders to breech our borders, or the disarmament of U.S. citizens with more counterproductive gun control. Don’t tread on me, and I won’t Ted on you.

Rock legend Ted Nugent is noted for his conservative political views and his vocal pro-hunting and Second Amendment activism. His smash bestseller Ted, White & Blue: The Nugent Manifesto, is now available at Nugent also maintains the Official Ted Nugent Site  at

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