Gun Registry Worse than Useless

Breached by unknown hackers over 300 times, Grossly incomplete and severely flawed error-riddled registry

The figure being bandied about in the media is that police are now up to 11,000 “uses” of the registry per DAY, (not year.) This is a phony, contrived figure by creating a computer generated “hit” for every conceivable clerical use of police computers, from traffic tickets to minor misdemeanor records, even jaywalking or someone calling police about a noisy party next door, which automatically generates an address check through the porous CFC database.  As well, every
legal sale of a firearm either by a retailer or person to person, generates up to five or more hits on the registry. 

Police have admitted it has been breached by unknown hackers over 300 times. CPIC (Canadian Police Information Center) has been admittedly breached some 1,400 times up to 1995.  How many times has it been accessed by the tens of thousands who have unrestricted access to it?  Are they all honest?  If you google “police officer charged”, you will get over eight million responses!  Does this make you feel more secure?  Thefts of gun collections, and responsibly owned firearms, previously very privately held, have increased exponentially since the registry came into being.  Law abiding people were forced under threat of jail to have them and their most private information, filed in the “shopping list for criminals.”

Few hits are actual “firearms” inquiries especially since front line police would be very unwise to even think of relying on it.

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